Trinity Lutheran Church, located in Russellville, Missouri, is an affiliate of the ELCA, and was founded in 1895 in a different location in Russellville. The current church was built in 1912 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The brick Romanesque Revival church has a steeply pitched center gable with a large arched stained glass window. Beside the church are a parsonage, schoolhouse, parish hall and a field area.

  • 1895 – Pastor J. Paul Franke conducted services, although the congregation was not yet fully organized.

  • 1896 – The first church was built and dedicated on September 13, 1896. It was a 24’x36′ frame building costing $640.00. Morning and afternoon services were held on the day of dedication. The morning service was conducted by Pastor Fikenscher, in German, with the afternoon service being conducted by Pastor J. Paul Franke in English. The congregation had approximately 20 members.

  • 1898 – The first recorded marriage was February 2, 1898, and the first confirmation took place May 22, 1898 with a class of seven confirmands.

  • 1911 – As the Trinity parish outgrew its facilities reaching a membership of 250, in March 1911, the old church and property sold for $2,500. The new parsonage was dedicated on October 1, 1911. Planning for the new church began earlier in August that same year.

  • 1911 – The cornerstone for the new church was laid October 22, 1911. Reverend C. Bunge presided over the 11 a.m. ceremony. Among the articles placed in the stone were the history of the congregation, a Bible, Lutheran Catechism, several pieces of money, a copy of the “Kirchen-blatt”, a church paper; and a copy of the Russellville Weekly Rustler. The church was to be completed in 155 days when the construction contract was signed on October 25, 1911.

  • 1912 – A farewell service was held in the old church on August 4, 1912. There were guest speakers for the morning service conducted in German, and in the afternoon, in English. There was an estimated 1,200 to 1,500 attendees.

  • 1914 – Articles of Incorporation for the Church were filed with the State of Missouri June 17, 1914. May 12, 1914 Trinity joined the Iowa Synod.

  • 1917 – Membership at Trinity grew to 279, and grew to 311 by 1955.

  • 1947 – On June 29, 1947, the interior of the church was rededicated after repainting with the current iconography symbolizing the various tenets of faith. There are located along the walls in the Crusaders shield and the various symbols at the apex of both east and west walls of the nave. The artists are listed as C.A. Christiansen and Mr. Stensby.

  • 1953 – In a congregational meeting it was approved that one German service per month would be offered followed by English, and another German service per month followed by English. In following years, English become the only service offered.